Trakz Tub Sliders
from Raz Design

Designed and manufactured to the highest standards of the discerning healthcare professional. Trakz is a tub slider that consists of a mobility base, a tub base and a bridge. This system allows the user to be showered over an existing bathtub when a roll-in shower is not available.

Trakz Tub Slider Product Specifications (PDF)

The Trakz-AT (Tilting)

The Trakz-AT (Attendant Tilt) is a tub slider with dual-arc, rotational tilt geometry.

  • 35° of tilt – This is enough tilt to allow the client’s feet to clear the tub wall, which reduces the effort for the caregiver.
  • Rotational Tilt Geometry – This allows the chair to be located closer to the rear wall, leaving more room for the client’s feet and legs. This also allows the Trakz to fit in smaller bathrooms.
  • Rotational Tilt Geometry – This reduces the effort required to tilt the chair, allowing for single-handed activation.

The Trakz-AP (Non-Tilting)

The Trakz-AP (Attendant Propel – non-tilting)

  • With a non-tilting seat, the client’s legs must be lifted over the tub wall.
  • The tub base includes foot support receivers so that the foot supports can be moved from the mobile base to the tub base.

Shared Features of the Trakz Models:

  • Patented Zbrilok safety latch system (see below for details)
  • Toolless height adjustment of both bases to facilitate set-up
  • Toolless horizontal stabilizer adjustments on the tub base simplify alignment and leveling thereby reducing set-up time significantly
  • Seven off-the-shelf bridge lengths plus custom lengths for optimal fit within the bathroom
  • Wraparound, swing-away arm supports, which can be removed to reduce the overall width of the mobile base to 20.75”
  • Dual-locking, Tente casters

Trakz Tub Sliders From Raz Standard Features

Zbrilok System

Trakz is the world’s first tub slider with a patented safety feature: ZbrilokTM. This prevents the seat and user from moving onto the bridge unless the bridge is securely latched to both the tub base and the mobility base. By ensuring that all three rail sections (mobile base, bridge and tub base) are securely connected, unintended falls onto the floor or into the tub can be prevented. ZbrilokTM is patented in North America (patent#: 11,819,466) and patent pending in rest of world.

Multiple Standard Bridge Lengths + Custom

Trakz has multiple different bridge lengths, plus custom lengths. You can choose from seven standard lengths: 7” / 8.5” / 9.5” / 10.5” / 12.5” / 14.5” / 16.5”.

Back Supports

The standard Trakz back support includes 18”W molded vinyl upholstery, wrap-around and removable padded arm supports.

Adjustable Foot Supports

  • Toolless leg length adjustment
  • Removable for transfers and cleaning
  • Swing in and out easily

Head Support

  • Standard small head support pad size is 10” W x 4” H
  • Head support is shaped to cradle the head and can be adjusted for optimal client fit
  • Optional large head support size is 12” W x 6” H
tub slider system - seat

Trakz Molded Seat

  • Contoured for pressure reduction and pelvic stability
  • Soft integral-skin foam for comfort and durability
  • Available with open or bridged front
  • Size: 18″Wx17”D
  • Removable seat pad for easy of cleaning

Commode Pan

  • Injection-molded pan is designed for function
  • Includes a lid for splash and odor control
  • Wide handle angled at 45 degrees provides better
  • ergonomics
  • Sloped front of pan moves contents toward the handle to
  • reduce offset load, thereby making it easier to carry
  • Receiver brackets under seat are visible from the rear of
  • the chair, making it easier to slide the pan into place
  • Fits in a standard autoclave and Arjo Tornado Washer
Raz design wizard urine deflector

Urine Management Options

Whizard (winged urine deflector)

  • Patent-pending lateral wings that are positioned under the medial aspect of the thighs to keep the Whizard in place.


  • Molded urine deflector (must be held in place during use)

Splash Curtain

  • Vinyl curtain, slides into commode pan brackets

Additional Options:

  • Tension-adjustable upholstery
  • Symphony Back
  • Head Support (included with Trakz-AT)
  • Lateral Supports
  • Pelvic and Chest Belts
  • Arm Pad Choices: Standard Arm Pads, Troughs, Flat Arm Pads, Tubular Arm Pads (for a complete list of options, click order form link below)
  • Foot and Leg Supports: Standard Foot Supports, MFXs, ELRs, Calf Straps (for a complete list of options, click order form link above)