Product Improvement News:

In October 2010, Raz moved from the 5327 caster, used by many shower chair manufacturers, to the new Levina caster. Both casters are manufactured by Tente – a world leader in caster manufacturing.

The New Levina Caster Features:

  • Improved wheel and swivel lock design with easier activation and engagement
  • Shorter wheel lock pedal improves maneuverability and allows tighter foot placement
  • Precision stainless steel bearings for smoother rolling with reduced effort
  • Swaged, swivel bearing stem assembly for enhanced durability


Technical Bulletin and Free Upgrade Notice:

caster-older Please be advised that there have been a few reports of the lower fork and wheel assembly detaching from the upper bearing housing on the Tente 5327 caster, the model Raz has discontinued using. While it is inconceivable for a caster to come off when the chair is sitting on the floor (weight of the chair prevents the caster from detaching) we do not find it acceptable that our users and caregivers are inconvenienced if the chair is lifted.As a part of our continual efforts to keep Raz products at the forefront of quality and design, we will provide to you, at no charge, Levina casters to replace Tente 5327 casters.   We understand that there is a cost to you, the dealer.  For this reason, Raz is pleased to offer the following incentive: $50 per chair payment by check or $75 per chair credit against future orders. For chairs fitted with the optional directional caster lock, a new compatible directional lock will be included with each caster package.  Please note that the 5327 caster stems from each ­chair must be sent back to Raz as proof of replacement in order to qualify for the incentives.


Caster Upgarde Return Slip/Form

Click here to download the form in PDF format

Video demonstration of the caster removal and installation procedure: