Industry-best seat for comfort and pressure distribution. A top layer of visco-elastic foam on the Raz molded seat provides additional contouring and exceptional comfort. Available 16″ (40.5cm) or 19″ (48.5cm) depths, and various configurations including; bridged front, or with access openings at the front, right, left or rear.

ZVFI17BRI– 18”W x 17”D Front Bridged
ZVFI17FRO – 18”W x 17”D Front Open
ZVFI17LTO – 18”W x 17”D Left Open
ZVFI17RTO – 18”W x 17”D Right Open
ZVFI17RRO – 18”W x 17”D Rear Open
ZVFI20BRI – 18”W x 20”D Front Bridged
ZVFI20FRO – 18”W x 20”D Front Open
ZVFI20LTO – 18”W x 20”D Left Open
ZVFI20RTO – 18”W x 20”D Right Open
ZVFI20RRO – 18”W x 20”D Rear Open