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Raz On The Road

European Seating Symposium: Dublin, June 13-15
Heartland Conference: Waterloo (Iowa), June 19-21
Paralyzed Veterans of America Annual Healthcare Summit: Dallas, August 28-30
Academy of Spinal Cord Injury Professionals: New Orleans, September 2-5
Rehacare: Dusseldorf, September 26-29

Raz Design manufactures true rehab shower commode chairs that can be prescribed, configured and adjusted to fit users for optimal positioning, maximum function and comfort.

Raz Design Rehab Shower Commode Chair
Raz Design Rehab Shower Commode Chair

Raz rehab shower commode chairs offer more than you would expect. Comfort, Seating and Accessibility are priorities. The shower chair frame designs provide easy side/front access for users or caregivers. All Raz rehab shower commode chairs come standard with stainless-steel frames, adjustable-tension back upholstery, dual-locking casters, flip-up padded armrests, and a soft, molded commode seat with the Ischial & Pelvic Alignment System (IPAS) that is exclusive to Raz. Raz offers a large array of options that allow you to configure your shower commode chair to meet your unique needs. As well, Raz will custom manufacture frames, seats or options when a standard configuration doesn’t offer the functionality you require. Choose Raz and get the rehab shower commode chair that’s right for your needs.