Raz’s exclusive modular design allows us to mix and match components to better fit our clients. One of the most common configurations we provide is a having a back frame that is a different width than the seat / base frame.

 What are the benefits of a Narrower Back Frame than a Seat Frame?

  1. A back frame with less spacing between the arm supports provides better positioning for thinner clients that require a chair that can be used over a toilet. The most common configuration is a 16”W back frame on an 18”W base frame / seat frame.
  2. For self-propel chairs that are used over a toilet, a narrower back frame can provide more efficient propulsion because the arm supports are more medially positioned and therefore obstruct the client’s range-of-motion to a lesser degree.
  3. For pear-shaped clients, it can be beneficial to have a wider seat / base frame to accommodate the extra hip width, while keeping the arm supports closer together.

 What combinations are possible for Back Frames?

The back frame can be 2” or 4” narrower, or 2” wider than the seat / base frame.