Commode Pan Spacer Kits

Lowers the pan 1”, 2”, 3” or 4”. Allows for digital stim and selfcare with the pan in place. Order Code: ZSPCP1 Commode Pan Spacer Kit – 1” Lower ZSPCP2 Commode Pan Spacer Kit – 2” Lower ZSPCP3 Commode Pan Spacer Kit – 3” Lower ZSPCP4 Commode Pan Spacer Kit – 4” Lower

Arm Trough

Helps maintain arm position, especially while the chair is tilted. The triple-slotted mounting track allows for fore/aft, medial/lateral and rotational adjustment. The pad includes a includes a drain hole at rear. Order Codes: Z716L – Arm Trough – Left Z716R – Arm Trough – Right


We are pleased to announce the release of the newest version of the Raz-AT. The new “Raz-AT1.5” is an improvement over the original in several ways: Like the Raz-CAT, the seat frame is designed with better side access. The curved forward tubes of the seat frame offer less obstruction than the old straight tubes. The…


In a continuing effort to improve the function and aesthetics of our chairs, we have designed our own 22”, 24” and 24”HD wheels. The improvements are: The handrims are ergonomically contoured for more efficient propulsion and comfort. A thumb groove on the upper surface, combined with a wide lateral surface, provide superior performance. Molded “finger…