Bodypoint Aeromesh Shower Chair Chest Belt

Quick-drying, padded strap with plastic, side-release buckle provides exceptional comfort. Note: Chest belts should only be used in conjunction with pelvic belts.   Order Code: Z736C__* *= desired belt length (M, L, XL) Recommended sizes for BodyPoint Aeromesh belts:   Chest belt: 14”-16”W back frame: Z736CM 16”-20”W back frame: Z736CL 20”+W back frame: Z736CXL

Armrest Spacer Kit

Increases width between both armrests by 1″ (2.5cm) or 2″ (5cm) to create more space between the armrests for clients who require more width. When combined with a custom wider seat, this combination can accommodate larger clients without having to order custom wider frames. Also allows armrest to flip-up when lateral support is in place.…

Elevating Legrests

Includes adjustable-angle/depth footplate and recessed calf pad. Adjusts for lower leg lengths from 16″ (40.5cm) to 20.5″ (52cm). Also available with a forward offset for deeper seats. Order Codes: Z7ELRL/R (includes recessed calf pad and Z7ADMFP) Offset: Z7ELROFL/R (includes recessed calf pad and Z7ADMFP)