Center of Mass Adjustment

The Raz-SP is, we believe, the only self-propel rehab shower chair to offer center of mass adjustment. Why is this important? The ability to adjust the rear wheels fore / aft offers several benefits: Moving the rear wheels forward reduces the weight on the front casters. Reducing the weight on the front (and thereby transferring…

raz footplate 2016

Adjustable Molded Footplate

full angle adjustment for plantar flexion and dorsiflexion
adjustable fore/aft position – 3.75″ (9.5cm)
easy one screw adjustment with user’s foot in place
footplate flips up for transfers
large foot support surface 7″W x 8″D (18cm x 20cm)
smooth contoured surface
can replace standard footplate with same leg length adjustment (Not compatible with ZMFX8)
optional heel loop
optional neoprene seat cover

Locking Transfer Handles

For some clients, transferring from a wheelchair into or out of a rehab shower commode chair can sometimes be a difficult or dangerous process. After portions of a hygiene program, such as taking a shower, surfaces of home medical equipment, such as a rehab shower chair can be slippery. In order to minimize risk, Raz…